New Year Update …

Hi All :-) It’s been a while since our last update because … UGH!!! *Banging head on wall*

While we took several big steps forward with Eeyayho’s Adventure (YAY!!), 2014 was really uncooperative with us (BOO!). We had both our computers die horrible deaths, lots of technical issues, files go missing, and Jade’s animation folder for Eeyayho went missing along with
every. single. backup. copy ….

I keep telling myself that there’s a good reason, but sometimes, it feels like this apartment is filled with malicious gremlins. I’m tempted to dance around the room tossing glitter around while the kids beat pots and pans in an effort to clean out all the tech-glitching, file-eating monsters! (If I do, I promise to make a video of it.)

Anyway, Jade has started all over again with rigging, colouring, and testing the animation. I’m still working on the game storyline and art. It’s a new year, soooooooo: