Critical Failure

It’s been a very frustrating month as we try to prepare for the launch of our Indigogo Campaign. You may have noticed that our main website was down.  That is just one of many speed bumps we’ve hit in the past few weeks.

In an earlier post, I hinted at an adorable knitted bunny that we were hoping to have as a specialty perk for donors, but we haven’t been able to find someone to make these for us. Although I can knit and this is a fairly easy pattern, I don’t think I can take on one more project, so we might have to give up having the bunnies for the campaign :-(

Although Jade was able to recover a large portion of the files one (or both) of the kids managed to delete, most of the completed art was lost. The irony is that it happened the day I was going to back it all up … I haven’t been able to re-do much of it, because I’ve been out of commission with migraines (the “I’m-gonna-barf-and/or-black-out” kind). PLUS, the computer we use for animation and programming gave us a wonderful “Critical Failure” warning before the entire drive disappeared :-O Fortunately, Jade was able to access the hard drive with a Linux program and back up everything important, but that computer is toast.

The bad news is that all of this has put us so far behind that we don’t have the things we need in place to launch our campaign on the 1st. We have to push back the launch date, but I’m not sure what the date will be. Hopefully, we’ll have everything sorted out within the week so we can set a new date for the launch.

Please, send positive vibes our way. We need our luck to turn around ~*~
Thanks <3