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The challenge of SPACE!

One of the big challenges we’re facing is: SPACE. With four of us in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment, it’s really REALLY difficult to get any work done. Toddlers like to “help”. A lot. We’re looking for a nice little house with space to set up a work studio.



We’re experimenting with different looks for ‪#‎Eeyayho‬ to see what works best for movement and animation. Our original design has rabbit-like legs that bend opposite to human legs and nubby fingers. Here is a quick piece Jade put together with human like legs and hands. What do you think?

© Jade Arcade

© Jade Arcade

My hero, Jade <3

See this guy? He’s my hero <3

Jade Arcade, my hero!

Jade Arcade, my hero!

It took him many sleepless nights and frustrated days, but Jade pulled a few miracles and recovered all the information from both our computers. I still don’t know why both our computers had critical failures back-to-back or how Jade managed to do what is supposed to be impossible, but our data is saved! YAY!

Hopefully we can get Eeyayho’s Adventure back on track and get this campaign launched quickly.

Thank you, Jade<3


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