Eeyayho’s Adventure is a family-friendly video game by 2 year-old, Ember Arcade about a rabbit-creature called, Eeyayho. Eeyayho must save his people, the Deekies, from “ bad guys” who are trying to devour the sacred eggs which contain all the power of the Deekies.

Eeyayho wears red boots, and has a magic bag to help him collect the special eggs that hold the Deekies’ powers.  Eeyayho must run fast and jump high, to save the trapped Deekies before they are lost forever.

ee-sidebyside_tagged This is Ember’s original drawing of Eeyayho done while she told us about him. Mommy put colour to it so that other could see him through all the “action” lines of his running and jumping.


When Eeyayho discovers that his entire race is missing, he undergoes a daring journey to save them from their captivity before the before the evil hobbencat monster devours them. Eeyayho must run and jump his way past strange creatures and dangerous territory collect the sacred eggs that hold the power of his people. Along the way, he must rely to his wits, agility, and magical bag of tricks to solve the mystery of the missing Deekies and save his people before The Bad Guy can use the sacred eggs to destroy their world.

Ack-ack-sample The unique art style, derived from Ember’s drawings gives Eeyayho and his world a fresh look that game players will find endearing. With puzzles to solve, strange creatures and treacherous landscapes to navigate, the players are in a race to save Eeyayho’s people before it’s too late. Eeyayho’s Adventure is an egg hunt like no one has imagined before.


To make Ember’s game a reality, Mommy and Daddy (Rosa Arcade and Jade Arcade) are doing the art, music, animation and game programming.






We will be running an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds needed to support us while we work.

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